Bassoon hand positions

Excellent hand positions for the bassoon!

Bassoon Lessons

Joel is the bassoon instructor for the Portland Music Collective in Southeast Portland. He is happy to give bassoon lessons to students of all ages and abilities. He can also teach clarinet, especially for students interested in klezmer music. Joel also teaches bassoon students at his home in Southwest Portland on weekends.


Bassoon: Left Hand PositionThe bassoon is admittedly a difficult instrument to master. The ideal teacher is patient, gently persistent, always encouraging, and fun.

Joel wants his students to develop a solid foundation in the basics: breath support, embouchure, and correct hand positions. But more importantly, Joel wants his students to start making music as soon as possible. If the student can play only five notes, she/he can still make music and play a tune! More experienced students and adults students are welcome too.

Want to read more about beginning the bassoon? I wrote an article about expectations and suggested prerequisites.

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Contact Joel for more information about lessons!